Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, sports enthusiasts are eager to see things get back to normal and this includes sports. As teams prepare for the new season, they are still making their picks for players and the Cincinnati Reds is no different. They have just acquired Joe Boyle in the fifth round of the 2020 Major League Baseball Draft.

Because of the current pandemic, there were some changes made to the draft this year. It was limited to just five rounds, and Boyle was the last pick that the Reds made. He was the 143rd overall draft pick at a value of $382,700. Boyle is a 6-7, 240-pound right-hander who came from the bullpen of the Fighting Irish. In his career, he made 32 appearances and tossed 36 innings. His games up 21 hits in those innings and struggled for control, eventually walking 44 batters. Boyle is large and throws hard. His fastball topped out at 102-miles per hour. In addition to his power, his motion from the stretch explodes in the batter’s face, which is why college players seldom made contact.

It’s with this force and power that Boyle struck out 57 batters, which gave him 14.3 strikeouts per nine innings. He didn’t have any long balls in his career and only gave up two extra-base hits in those 36 innings.

His lack of control gave him a 6.00 earned run average in his career. Despite his walk rate, he is a great prospect because of his size and power. The Cincinnati Reds are known for their love of players with power arms.

Boyle has another season of eligibility and being picked so high is tempting. Knowing the way that the Reds operate their draft, they likely knew that he would sign if selected. Last year, while attending Notre Dame, he pitched in the Cape code league and ranked as the 18th best performer.

Other reports call Boyle “Straight cheese” when mentioning his appearance. Although he struggles with walking almost a single batter per inning, his wing and miss capabilities make him a contender out of the pen.

Another report talks about his great arm strength and says that he has the best velocity out of everyone in the draft. He can sit in the upper 90s. The right-hander doesn’t require much effort to reach those velocities and generally throws an above-average plus slider.

Due to his size, the Reds are hoping that he can pick up on things later down the road. This isn’t too much to expect from someone of his stature. However, he will need to cut his walk rate in half, which the organization is confident that he can do. This can be a win-win for both the Reds and Boyle. Chances are that he appreciates the consideration and will do his best to prove his worth, which is what most draft picks strive to do.

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