Many businesses, now more than ever before, are starting to recognize the value in allowing employees to work remotely. Working remotely is now the new norm due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic. While some businesses would never consider remote work as an option, they have been forced into it. Five industry leaders have found ways to offer their employees sure success as they work remotely.

  • Good Technology: This tends to be at the heart of efficiently working from home. Employees need access to great technology, which should include (1) use of a too that has the capacity for continuous communication (2) setting expectations of the best ways to communicate (email, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMetting or some other none communication platform), whichever you use, set up the expectations of how to effectively use the platform that you choose to communicate.
  • The Right Home Environment – the workspace that you designate at home should enable you to be productive. This is critical if you are working from home since there are more opportunities for distractions. The right workspace will be different for everyone. It might be a bedroom, home office, kitchen table, basement, or even a designated outdoor space with WIFI.
  • Remote meetings – The on-site groups used to be the ones that ran the conversation, remote workers were not often heard or were completely overlooked. Establish meeting etiquette so that everyone is heard. Doing so will make a big difference in the human connection. Make sure you enable video interaction and are courteous. Arrive at the meeting on time, pay attention, and be present.
  • Be responsive: This is especially important within a remote or virtual setting if you can’t see all of the other employees. Employees should keep in mind their availability and everyone’s status should be kept up-to-date.
  • Balancing work and caregivers: Since schools have closed and daycare’s are limiting the number of children they will accept into the school, many parents have to split his and her time between work and caregiving. If you are still working from home then this can be another added stress on top of everything else. If your time is limited or you require a flexible schedule to do your duties as mother or father, this should be discussed upfront and expectations should be managed. Employers should be understanding, as this will help ensure that they honor their commitment to the company.

While some of these things seem foreign to you, they are not to those who have been working remotely prior to COVID-19. These are the things that have proven to work and come directly from those employees who have recognized what works and what doesn’t work for their remote workers. If you don’t currently have a remote working process in place then perhaps this is a good start. You can try it out and if things need to be tweaked then you can surely tweak them as needed. Do what works for you to ensure productivity.

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