Motors Brewing Company, Cincinnati, OH


Before prohibition, Cincinnati Ohio was a leading beer producing city. Its rich heritage of brewing dates back to 200 years ago when many German, British and French immigrants brought their lager, porter and ale style brews to the Queen City.


Keith Spurling, being a local to Cincinnati all his life, found himself out with friends one fateful night in 2017. While the group was deciding on what to drink that evening, their choices gave them room for pause. Between the berry seltzer, that was on tap, and other fruit inspired fizzling fermented concoctions, nothing that the place served seemed especially appealing. This is when they were forced to ask the server, “Do you just have regular beer?” This was the point in Keith’s life where the gears in his entrepreneurial brain started moving and turning. 


In February of 2018 Keith had opened Motors Brewing company, with its signature offering being the American Ale. This recipe is based on a pre-prohibition recipe that Keith had perfected, but he wasn’t prepared for the amount of popularity that would come with the brew. Within two years, Motors Brewing Company was able to secure a distribution contract with Kroger that continues to expand today. At first, however, Keith had no other option than to turn some of that business away. Thankfully, after securing a local production partnership, Motors Brewing Company was able to ramp up production and meet the increased demand for this new American Ale that consumers were just not able to get enough of. 


The success of Motors Brewing Company is one for the record book, as they opened, seemingly, behind the eight ball. With fierce local brewing competition in the Cincinnati area and without the benefit of providing consumers with an open tap room, Keith only had the American Ale recipe, his outgoing and friendly personality and an entrepreneurial drive to turn his passion into a success. 


Although Keith wasn’t initially prepared for the success that Motors Brewing Company was now enjoying, he embraced it and was soon offering six pack cans in addition to the kegs provided for tap rails. Currently Motors Brewing is self distributing to local venues throughout Cincinnati and Keith remains as hands-on as ever. 


This is definitely not the end of the story for Motors Brewing Company as Keith continues to roll out additional Marketplace Recipes, increase production and work on creating additional brewed recipes to further the success of his brand. I don’t know about you, but this weekend I’m going to be on the lookout for a Motors Brewing Company American Ale Tap Handle and I suggest that if you’re a resident of Cincinnati, want a taste of the brewing heritage of the Queen city or simply would like to enjoy a great tasting ale, you do the same. 

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