A Small Business Relief Program for small businesses in Cincinnati, OH (Hamilton County) will provide some financial relief from the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. In order for Small Businesses to 


be eligible for $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000 grants, small businesses must meet certain criteria. These funds will be used to reimburse local businesses for certain expenses as detailed. Hamilton County will be using the awarded $5 Million from the CARES Act in this first assistance round. 


Small Businesses can email to receive notifications and to have their questions answered. Send a mail to SBRelief@hamilton-co.org


Requirements for Eligibilty


Small Businesses in the Hamilton County area are required to meet this criteria:


  1. Business must be located in Hamilton County and be a for-profit business.
  2. Small Business must have a Federal EIN # and a DUNS number
  3. Small Business must be in operation since Jan 2019
  4. Business must have less than one million in revenue or receipts on an annual basis
  5. Business must have had a loss of gross revenue up to 35% or more
  6. Business must have fifty or less employees or 1099 contracted workers as of March 2020
  7. Small Business has not been awarded other federal assistance for lost income or expenses
  8. Small Business has been unapproved for an insurance claim due to COVID-19
  9. Business must be located within Cincinnati, OH (Hamilton County)
  10. Small Business must be in compliance with all requirements 
  11. Business must be current on all taxes and fees
  12. Business must be in good standing in regards to building code and maintenance 
  13. Small Business may not be a nuisance 
  14. Small Business may not be in current bankruptcy negotiations.

On June 11th, Cincinnati Bell was proud to support the current movement that is taking the world by storm, the Black Lives Matter Movement. In solidarity, they paused work for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. This was the amount of time that the Minnesota police officer kneeled on the neck of George Floyd. Leigh Fox, the current President & CEO of Cincinnati Bell asked 4,400 Cincinnati Bell employees throughout North America to participate. The call was received with welcome arms and employees of every ethnicity were eager to do so.

Today, there are roughly 660 Cincinnati Bell employees who are members of CWA. They are the installers who install the services that consumers and businesses in northern Kentucky, Dayton, and Cincinnati rely on every day. They make up the backend support of the most essential services that the company offers.

Union employees, come in contact with customers daily and consistently show others what it means to treat others with respect. The company’s CWA employees show their concern for the city by participating in the work pause and have the support of the whole company supporting them.

Even though some may not be in a position to physically go and participate in the protest, this at least allows them to show their support. Chief Culture Officer of Cincinnati Bell said that the company is now focused on keeping a culture of equality and respect in the workplace in communities.

There is no better time to open up communication among now, considering the current climate. This should be dialogue that will give us the chance to recognize the communities of color’s denial of justice and equality. The union is hoping that our taking a stand by participating in the solidarity moment that we’ll be making a significant contribution. We hope that these actions will also have a positive impact while we move forward.

Many Cincinnati businesses are trying to figure out how they can lend their voices in the cause and even the smallest contribution is appreciated. The worse thing that anyone can do is nothing. So even if it seems like something very insignificant, in the larger scheme of things, it is helping them move toward a country of equality and inclusion.

Some voices have been silenced for far too long. However, through other’s voices, those voices that have been silenced can now be heard. Some companies are using this moment as a marketing opportunity. However, the companies and organizations that are sincere in their efforts will show this in their actions now in the future. They must put in the work and those of color must be the ones who are benefiting from these efforts because if they do then we all benefit. Injustices run deep and they have put a stain on us as a country. However, with a show of solidarity and support, we can become a pillar of hope for other oppressed countries.