Many different smells, sounds and tastes can bring back the nostalgia of past memories, but few experiences bring back the fondness we’ve encountered in our younger years like the old-time candy we sought after as children. Whether it’s Satellite Wafers, Yum Yum Cones, Cow Tails or French Chews, these tasty familiar treats never fail to take us back to a simpler time, even if only for a moment. Just ask Gregory Wilcher, the small business owner and operator of Hickory Dickory Dock Retro Candy & More! 


Gregory, a Dayton, KY local, has made it his mission to be a one stop shop for all things Retro Candy Related, but becoming the local Cincinnati, OH go-to old-time candy store wasn’t always a major goal for him. In 2015, Gregory was running a successful photography studio in Seymour, IN. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, Gregory wanted to take advantage of some extra space available in the photography studio and decided to open a candy shop. After six months of research into historical candies, distributorships and available varieties of retro treats Gregory opened Hickory Dickory Dock Retro Candy & More! 


At the time of opening, Hickory Dickory Dock had an inventory of 25 varieties of glass bottle soda and 75 varieties of retro candy. However, as the candy business quickly began to take off, sales of retro candy soon overtook what Gregory was generating from his photography studio. After making the move to Dayton, KY, in Greater Cincinnati, OH, Hickory Dickory Dock now sells over 125 varieties of glass bottle soda, 300 varieties of retro candy from the early 1800’s through the 1990’s, 40 varieties of hand-made candies and 24 varieties of hand dipped ice cream. 


As a former Officer of the United States Navy, Small Business Owner Gregory Wilcher now enjoys operating Hickory Dickory Dock Retro Candy more than any other previous employment or deployment. Gregory continues to remain hands on and tells his customers, “If there’s a candy you’re looking for, and it’s still made, we can find it!” Gregory ships his retro candy all over the United States and has been featured at  many candy show’s including the Chicago Candy Show. 


If you happen to be traveling down to Dayton, KY, stop in and say hi to Gregory at Hickory Dickory Dock Retro Candy & More! Also, be sure to keep an eye out for special promotions like gift baskets, Holiday Bundles and Candy Grams!